Android Setup

At the moment, BrandMyMail only supports the Android Gmail App. If you are using the mail app, you'll have to be patient for a little while - we're working on it!

To send BrandMyMail emails, you will be adding BrandMyMail as an external account in your Gmail account. Follow these simple steps:

Log into your your Gmail account from a desktop browser.

Open the Accounts and Import tab under settings, and click Send mail from another address.

The email address should be your normal Gmail login, followed by For example, if your Gmail address is [email protected], your BrandMyMail account address will be [email protected]. Click Next Step.

(Google Apps accounts aren't supported yet - we're working on it!)

Select Send through SMTP servers.

Set the port to 25.

Set the username to your full Gmail address, including

Set the password to your Password

Click Add Account.

Wait to receive the Gmail confirmation mail, and click the link inside.

Congratulations, you're done!

When you compose a new message in the Android Gmail App, simply select your new BrandMyMail account to send messages.