HTTP Errors


When some error occurred, BrandMyMail HTTP API response includes HTTP/1.1 code of the error and textual error explanation.

Response Parameters

code - HTTP Error code.

message - Textual error explanation.

Response Example (JSON)

				            “code”: 415,
				            “message”: ”Unsupported email format”

Response Example (XML)

				             Unsupported email format

Error Codes

403 Authentication Failed - BrandMyMail can't validate your API Access Key

429 API Limit Reached - User reached max number of BrandMyMail requests

405 Method Not Allowed - Unexpected HTTP Method for the request

412 Requested Template does not exist - BrandMyMail can't find template you specified in the request

415 Unsupported email format - BrandMyMail can’t parse email message in the request

400 Can't decode incoming JSON - BrandMyMail can’t parse JSON in the request

400 Bad Request - General user exception

500 Internal Server Error - General server exception (contact us if you get this)