10 ways your email signatures can provide serious marketing opportunities.

Some suggestions on what you can promote through your email signature:

  • 1. Website

    Promote your company’s website in your email signature.

  • 2. Your Blog

    A blog provides fresh content and therefore is more engaging than a homepage.

  • 3. Social Media

    Include links to your company accounts on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • 4. Book / Article

    If someone in the organization has written a book or published an article than share the link.

  • 5. Conferences & Events

    Speaking or attending a conference / trade show include a link in your email signature.

  • 6. New Marketing Offer

    Feature a new campaign that highlights a particular offer.

  • 7. Case Studies

    Quote a customer in your email signature.

  • 8. Industry Research

    Include a link showcasing industry or proprietary research in your email signature.

  • 9. Free Tool

    Provide a free trail to any tools that may engage potential customers.

  • 10. Demonstration of your Product / Free Consultation

    Promote a free demonstration or consultation of your product during tough sales months.