Email Marketing

About BrandMyMail

BrandMyMail is a powerful Branding and Marketing solution for your online strategy.
Add your logo, banner, social feeds, signature, youtube, and centrally manage the thousands of emails your employees send.

  • Centrally manage & brand your emails
  • Marketing - Promote your Brand, Website, Facebook etc
  • Get extra traffic to what matters
  • In the end get statistics to know how many emails sent and clicked


BrandMyMail Enterprise Edition provides comprehensive dynamic email template functionality for all outbound corporate emails. You can leverage existing investment in digital media marketing by having BrandMyMail automatically reuse your web and social media content and embed them into outbound corporate emails so that every employee email has a look that reflects of your marketing messages. Our cloud based solution is tailored for entities ranging from 2 to 2000 employees.

Uniform email across all organization members

Why should i use this Service?

Easily promote your company social profiles Include marketing messages, animated banners, latest company news & products and much more.

Use BrandMyMail to increase your sales and update your customers about the latest company news, directly from your social networks.

If your organization has 50 employees, each sending 10 emails daily, then your company sends more than 180,000 emails per year! Every e-mail is a potential business oportunity, without any extra effort because you are using the normal e-mail traffic as a new marketing channel.

If you have 200 employees, that's more than 700,000 impressions per year!